Our house types can be used as part of our SIPs House Package or as a starting point for designing your home from scratch. If our designs aren’t quite what you’re after, our team will work with you to come up with your own set of house plans, made just for you, and designed around your bespoke needs.

This is one of the main benefits of SIPs Scotland and the service we provide; our panels are made from a composite material that offers unparalleled strength and insulation to weight ratio, but also have the convenience and adaptability to erect quickly with no compression shrinkage or cold bridging issues associated with older forms of construction.

For further details on the SIPs House Package and detail of our House Types please email info@sipsscotland.co.uk or call our team on 01756 799498.

The Lomond - 2 bed

The Lomond 2 Bed – 910 sq ft

The Benarty 3 bed

The Benarty 3 Bed – 1,617 sq ft

The Ochill - 4 bed

The Ochill 4 Bed – 1,677 sq ft

The Benarty 4 bed_preview

The Benarty 4 Bed – 1,737 sq ft

The Munduff - 5 bed room

The Munduff 5 Bed – 1,922 sq ft

The Cairnie - 4 bed

The Cairnie 4 Bed – 2,097 sq ft