The Kingspan TEK® Building System has been widely used across the UK and Ireland by major developers, house builders and housing associations to construct multiple residential dwellings. To these clients the System offers a range of unique advantages, including: speed of construction; predictable completion dates; less on–site labour and the provision of a weather–tight shell.

Homeowners are also becoming more informed about buying energy efficient homes which will give them reassurance about their heating bills in the future.

This makes the Kingspan TEK Build system is ideal for these projects because:

– The panelised nature of the System can enable a fast track building process, which can help to reduce construction time.

– Follow on trades can start work sooner, as an erected Kingspan TEK® Building System kit, when wrapped with a breathable membrane, can provide a weather–tight shell, helping the contractor complete the project faster.

– Much easier to predict project completion times, as the System is relatively simple to erect and requires no wet trades or brick layers.

– Defects are vastly reduced due to factory controlled manufacturing, precise engineering and the design of the System