SIPs for Commercial Development

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Adaptability is at the heart of the very idea of creating buildings using Structured Insulated Panels, a fast, cost effective solution for a sustainable and energy efficient space. But those spaces aren’t just perfect for self build homes. The benefits of SIPs for Commercial Development are just as attractive.

SIPS’s Scotland and Kingspan TEK a partnership you can trust

As a delivery partner for Kingspan TEK, SIP’s Scotland deals exclusively with the ever increasing demand for SIPs builds throughout Scotland and the North of England and our customers are beginning to realise the potential of structured insulate panel builds for a wider array of commercial developments, including small and large scale residential developments, commercial offices premises, holidays parks, schools, colleges and hotel accommodation.

BBA approved

Approval by the British Board of Agrément is not given lightly, with extensive auditing, testing and assessment of every stage of the structured insulated panel build, design and manufacturing process. Making us proud to be a delivery partner for an organisation whose ethos matches our own, and giving you and your commercial development project the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are dealing with the very best.

Speed of construction

Kingspan TEK building systems are crafted in the factory, resulting in a kit created with accuracy and precision, and delivered complete, all from the same source. This means assembly times are significantly reduced. After initial construction, any further trade work can be quickly and easily completed as the kit can be wrapped in a breathable membrane such as Kingspan Nilvent. Allowing for easy access for any and all trades and making for uncomplicated and accurate predictions of completion times.

Financial advantages

Fast and efficient construction compared to traditional methods means noticeable financial advantages for your commercial development. The components for your premises are delivered directly to your site as easily recognised components made with a design process aimed at producing as few different component parts as possible, cutting back drastically on labour, processes and potentially costly errors.

Looking to the future, with your commercial development up and running, enjoy the savings that come with a modern, efficient and sustainable build with high energy efficiency that traditional building methods cannot hope to match.

If you are considering a SIPs project, or seeking answers and advice, at SIPS’s Scotland you’ll find a personal approach and absolute dedication to your needs. Please get in touch for a free consultation on 0845 555 1015 or contact us online