Construction companies are constantly trying to improve the speed and ease of erecting new homes and buildings, structure insulated panels (SIPs) technology is the next generation of timber based construction and it’s beginning to change house building!

The Kingspan TEK Building System is not only easy to erect but produces builds that are energy efficient and deliver low fuel bills for homeowners and businesses. With lightweight panels, the system can be used to create buildings up to 4 storeys, particularly in areas where heavy construction with traditional brick and block is not possible.

Flexible Designs, High Performance

Each of the structural insulated panels (SIPs) has a high performance, fibre free rigid urethane core between two layers of strand board type 3. It’s a system that is recognised by all major warranty providers including NHBC and Building Life Plans and comes with BBA and NSAI Agrément certification.

• Kingspan TEK gives design and construction companies a high degree of flexibility with panels cut to order and delivered on site, immediately ready to be erected.
• Kingspan TEK can be used to construct load bearing and non-load bearing walls as well as roofs.
• With a maximum weight of just 24 kg/m², they are ideal for building in areas where heavy construction is not an option.
• One of the key advantages of using Kingspan TEK Building System is that you can create energy efficient structures but retain more floor space compared to traditional timber constructions of the same external dimensions.

A Green Option for Construction Companies

There’s no doubt that building regulations and standards are pushing architects and construction companies towards more energy efficient buildings. The good news is that Kingspan TEK ticks all the boxes.
Materials are sustainably sourced and construction time is kept down to a minimum with the ease of build. Low waste production on site is also a huge benefit and means that construction companies can spend less time recycling and repurposing and more time building.

Kingspan TEK systems combine low U-values with low air permeability and thermal bridging reduction to produce builds that have a minimised carbon footprint both during construction and when in use.
• The system can achieve whole wall and roof U–values of 0.20 W/m²K without the addition of insulation.
• The addition of insulation can easily bring the U-value down to 0.10 W/m²K.
• Air tightness is always a major issue in structural insulated panels and the rigid urethane panels in the Kingspan TEK system combined with a state of the art jointing system ensures this.
• With no studwork, as you would find in traditional timber constructions, thermal bridging is kept to an absolute minimum.
• All materials used in the building system are responsibly sourced and the panels come with impeccable green credentials.

Kingspan TEK is the first SIP building system in the UK and Ireland to receive BBA and NSAI Agrément certification. It provides a flexible, quick and eco-friendly approach to building and is becoming increasingly popular. Panels can easily be tailored to architect designs and delivered on site ready to erect from the moment they arrive. Because of the factory controlled process, defects and construction problems are greatly reduced, leading to faster completion times for all types of housing.

If you want to find out more about Kingspan TEK Building System and how it can work for your next construction project, contact our team today.