Building a SIPs house (Structural Insulated Panels) is becoming an increasingly popular way to build homes due to the quick construction time and superior insulation quality of the finished homes.

SIPs provide an innovative solution to building, the panels can easily be installed to create the walls and roof to make them more energy-efficient.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider SIPs Panels for your building project:

• Design Flexibility
Building with SIPs provides optimum flexibility for the design of your project. Panels can be modified and created to suit any architectural design and layout. This allows architects unrestricted creative flexibility.

• Insulation
SIPs support high level of insulation and can make your interiors airtight, leading to higher energy efficiency. This gives SIPs an edge over alternatives such as timber frame builds. The insulation values can also help save on energy bills.

• Build Time
Using SIPs on your project can considerably reduce the overall build time. When working with Kingspan TEK SIPs Panels, most of the work is done in the factory and panels are delivered to site as panels, speeding up the on-site construction process. SIPs enable the follow on trades, ie, plumbing, electrics etc to start on site immediately after the kit is erected. This too speeds up the construction procedure.

• Environmental Sustainability
Using SIPs contributes towards environmental sustainability. Building with SIPs is environmentally friendly and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from homes. Currently, 27% of carbon dioxide emissions in Britain is attributed to leakages from homes and can be significantly reduced by lowering down domestic energy consumption. Erecting SIPs installed structures is a step forward in this direction.

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