The Benefits of a Smaller Builder

By 30th March 2018 News No Comments

It’s always nice to have others see the truth in what you believe, and it’s always a good feeling when that belief is backed up by someone who knows their industry better than anyone else…

The Federation of Master Builders announced recently that smaller builders and smaller sites were one of the key factors towards creating a much more sustainable future for the UK building industry. The announcement comes at a time when such issues are being discussed at the highest level, with the recent Prime Minister’s speech ‘Building a Britain fit for the future’ a notable example.

At SIP’s Scotland, sustainable builds and fast, cost effective completions are the ethos on which our service is built, and something we have always been proud to offer to our clients. To see a call to action for the wider industry to take note and strive for those same things is very welcome.

So, it is with much optimism and more than a little enthusiasm that we welcomed the government’s admission that more opportunities must be made available to SME builders, along with changes to policies encouraging more small sites to come forward as “more opportunities for these smaller developments will diversify the market, boost capacity and speed up delivery”.

As a smaller developer we certainly pride ourselves on the time it takes us to provide the best levels of personal service, but in partnership with Kingspan TEK we have the customer service skill, the specialised knowledge and the wide range of options to take that service to a whole other level.

The Kingspan TEK Building System is not only quick and simple to erect but produces builds with unprecedented energy efficiency and lower fuel bills for both domestic properties and commercial premises. With lightweight panels crafted with a fibre free rigid urethane core between two layers of strand board type 3, the Kingspan TEK system can be used to create buildings up to 4 storeys tall, particularly in areas where the heavy construction projects of old, with their traditional building materials and wealth of possible problems and pitfalls might not always be an option.

Structural Insulated Panel builds; a system now recognised by all major warranty providers, as well as having BBA and NSAI Agrément certification, offer flexible design, high performance and energy efficiency, along with the fast, efficient construction and financial advantages that can’t be found in a traditional building project.

So…If the future is a place where construction will be an easier, quicker and fairer industry for everyone, then SIPs Scotland, in partnership with Kingspan TEK aim to be right where we belong; at the forefront of our industry, offering a diverse and sustainable means to build cost effective, innovative and energy efficient homes and premises that won’t cost the earth. Just the same as we always have, and just as we always intend to.

If you are considering a SIPs project, or seeking answers and advice, at SIPS’s Scotland you’ll find a personal approach and absolute dedication to your needs. Please get in touch for a free consultation on 0845 555 1015 or contact us online