What is SIPs Construction?

By 7th June 2017 News No Comments

The number of people choosing to self-build their home has increased in recent years with many of them using SIPs construction methods. Building and designing a home that is tailored to your aesthetic needs and has the high levels of energy efficiency you’re looking for, while still coming in on budget is no easy task.

At SIPs Scotland, we believe we have the answer. We make your home before you build it.

SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are the future of home building. Wall, ceiling and roof parts are manufactured to exact specifications in a factory setting, then delivered direct to any construction site for easy assembly.
Each panel is designed with a high level of energy efficiency and the advanced factory production process ensures that buildings are erected with fewer faults than traditional timber and brick constructions. They’re the perfect, cost effective option for those who choose to self-build.

Flexibility for Modern Construction

This is a product that has design flexibility built into every stage of the construction process. Individual insulated panels can be created to any design specification and quickly delivered on site for trouble free assembly. That means you can be sure when you work with an architect that your dream home is being realised.

Fewer Defects

Because it’s a factory controlled process there’s a lot less chance of any building defects that can cause problems at a later date. Every panel comes from the same factory source so you benefit from less transportation and delivery problems, helping to keep down the costs.

Airtight Energy Efficient Homes

SIPs come with excellent levels of insulation – that means you can build a home with the energy efficiency at its heart, one that cuts down fuel bills and reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.

Ease of Build

Construction is as easy as fitting the pieces together and build time is a lot quicker than with other materials. That’s because the majority of the work is done in the factory where your panels are produced to order and the specs of your architect.
There’s also minimal waste in the construction process compared to other methods because each part is pre-produced with sustainability in mind.

Faster Build

With less time spent creating the frame of your new build, services like electricians and plumbers can get to work faster, further speeding up the construction process and realising your new home in less time.

Sustainable Homes for the Future

Utilising SIPs means you’re investing in a greener future. The panels greatly reduce the amount of carbon emissions while also helping to reduce gas and electricity bills because of the greater insulation.